• Philosopher 1

    What Did the Philosophers Know and When Did They Know it? Part 1

    “I should be much more afraid of being mistaken and then finding out that Christianity is true than of being mistaken in believing it to be true” (Blaise Pascal).[1] While revisiting a book entitled “The Great Philosophers: From Socrates to Foucault”, a short synopsis of many of the best known philosophers, I was struck by thoughts of meaninglessness. For thousands of years philosophers have been discussing questions like, “How do we know what we know?” “How can we know anything?” “How do we know we exist?” etc. What futility it is not to believe in God and to disbelieve in the possibility of life after death, to believe everyone eventually…

  • Engage

    The Parable of Weeds & Wheat as a Response to Prevailing Evil

    Barcelona. Charlottesville. Chapel Hill. Boston. Jack the Ripper. Jesse James. Judas. Kim Jong-un. Genghis Khan. September 11, 2001. Evil proliferates. A savvy journalist says, "How can I spin this?" An atheist says, “It’s religious faith that motivates people to do such terrible things.”[i] A secular humanist says, “If there is to be justice, then it must be had here in this world and human beings must administer it.”[ii] A narcissist says, “Wait, retake! I look fat in that.” #selfie-centered A universalist says, “Who am I to judge? Didn’t Jesus say, ‘Judge not and ye shall not be judged’? Besides, everything works out in the end; everyone will be saved.” A…

  • Faces

    6/26/2015: Supreme Mistake

    As we approach the second anniversary of a date which will live in infamy, the Supreme Court’s ruling on homosexual “marriage” in Obergefell v. Hodges, I thought it important to remind Christians, so as to keep them awake and vigilant in our culture war. The Roe v. Wade anniversary is often marked by a March for Life. Let us also mark this day as, at the very least, a day of prayer for our wayward nation which has, thus far, bound itself to self-destruction. I do not advocate violence, but vigilance. And even as we warn the unbelieving culture to “repent and turn back so that your sins may be…