What Did the Philosophers Know and When Did They Know it? Part 1

J Drain

"Rescued, ransomed, and saved because of the love of God the Father, through the regeneration of the Spirit of God thanks to faithful preachers and teachers of the Word, because of the perfect life and merit of Jesus the Messiah, His substitutionary death and His physical resurrection from the dead. Undeserved. Undeserved. Undeserved." Steve would label himself an apprentice Christ follower, an Evangelical Christian with strong Reformed beliefs, a "Five Point Calvinist". Steve loves discussing and debating the two "taboo" subjects: Politics and Religion. He tries to read and listen to a minimum of forty books a year and realizes that no matter what topic or genre, whether Bible, theology, Christianity, history, biography, philosophy, political, social commentary, pop-culture, or even fiction, they all tie together in the spider's web of worldview. His favorite author is C.S. Lewis, James R. White, J. Budziszewski, G.K. Chesterton, and Peter Kreeft. He loves Charles Haddon Spurgeon and Dwight L. Moody. Steve's hobbies are generally reading and writing, music, hiking, and laughing. He has been writing songs/lyrics since the age of about eight and has played in a few Christian bands. He has written poetry, several biblical studies over the past decades, and has even finished his first book manuscript entitled, “Shaken Faith: When God Has Let You Down” with friend and co-author Al Rossi. He has also written for the now defunct Examiner website as the Philadelphia Christian Perspectives Examiner. He wishes he could write some fiction.