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    Vindicating Vixens: What about Michel, wife of David?

    Since the publication of Vindicating the Vixens, I’ve received messages suggesting additional women in the Bible we’ve probably seen through negative eyes when the biblical text does not present them that way. Often I agree. But sometimes I don’t—as is the case with those who think we should add Michal, daughter of Saul and wife of David, to the list. We find her story in 1 Samuel. To set the scene, Saul is King, and the shepherd-boy David has defeated Goliath. So King Saul offers David the elder of two daughters, Merab, in marriage. David declines with “I’m unworthy,” so Saul marries off Merab to someone else (1 Sam 18:17–20). King…

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    Fresh Perspectives on Women in the Bible–Phoebe by Lindsay Ann Nickens

    Augustine of Hippo. Martin Luther. Billy Graham. Three giants of the Christian faith, and they each have this in common: God chose to hinge their salvation experiences upon the courage of a woman named Phoebe. This is because each of these men had salvation experiences through reading or hearing the book of Romans, which Phoebe faithfully and courageously delivered from Paul to Rome in the first century AD.         “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”    Phoebe is mentioned in only two verses, Romans 16:1-2, out of the 7,957 verses in the New Testament. However, these two little verses pack a big punch, revealing the…

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    Women’s Bible Studies Available Here

    Are you looking for a quality women’s Bible Study for yourself or for your group? One with study questions that can be easily read online or that can be downloaded and printed? We have them right here on Bible.org. I’ve listed what we have available for you according to the topic and what comes along with it—a study guide to download, any audio files that coordinate with the studies, teaching aids, and whether that study is available in print form for those who have limited access to a printer. Ready to explore? Old Testament: Genesis through Judges “The 7 C's of a Firm Foundation: A Study of Genesis 1-11”  by Melanie…

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    Vindicating the Vixens

    Vindicating the Vixens (Kregel Academic, forthcoming, Octobre 2017) is the work of a diverse team of sixteen male and female theologians who’ve partnered to take a second look at vilified and marginalized women in the Bible. The church has often viewed women’s stories through sexist eyes, resulting in a range of distortions that cause us to miss what we should actually see in the text. In this panel discussion three theological professors and three seminary graduates talk about the women they revisited.  SaveSave SaveSave 0

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    Who Are Your (S)heroes?

    The earliest record I have of one of my ancestors converting to Christianity comes from two centuries ago near the French town of Strasbourg. “Papa” Oberlin—as my father’s people called their pastor—brought the gospel to hungry villagers subsisting on milk-soaked grass. Along with the gospel came instruction on agricultural practices such that today the same valley is one of the world’s richest foodie destinations. 0