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    Women’s Bible Studies Available Online

    Are you looking for a quality women’s Bible Study for yourself or for your group? One with study questions that can be easily read online or that can be freely downloaded and printed? We have so many available for you right here on Bible.org! Check out the studies listed below according to the topic and what comes along with it—a study guide to download, any audio files that coordinate with the studies, and teaching aids. Many of them are also available in print form for those who have limited access to a printer. Ready to explore?

  • Heartprints

    How MEATy is your Curriculum?

    Choosing a children's curriculum can be a daunting task. We begin all our children on the milk of the world, in the hope that we may also begin to feed them meat as we build on their understanding of God’s Word. In light of repeated New Testament analogies (1 Corinthians 3:1-3; Hebrews 5:11-14; and 1 Peter 2:1-2); concerning milk and meat (or solid food), I will use the acronym “MEAT”. The acronym MEAT is one tool you can use to evaluate the best curriculum for your needs based on four factors: message (doctrine), expense (cost), applications (uses with learners) and teacher-friendliness (ease of use). Message: Is the message doctrinally sound?…

  • Engage

    Long Distance Connecting

    Technology and the millennial generation are joined at the hip! Capturing these innovations to aid personal and spiritual growth is a key aim of the women’s section of bible.org.  If you haven’t perused the postings under curriculum check it out. Not only are resources available for group members, but many supplemental resources for the leaders and teachers as well.  This fall several of our women created a blog in order to study together from a distance. Most of the women have small children and this enables them to study at times they can manage. They chose the curriculum “Footsteps of Faith, Following the Call” from this portion of this website. …