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    Spiritual Warfare: The Right Tool for the Job

    In seminary, I had a Greek professor that drilled a mantra into our heads. Every day he reminded us,“You must have the right tools for the job.” There was even a song and a video to further bring this point home. What he meant was, when parsing Greek verbs and drawing countless diagrams you must have the right study tools to get the job done. Not employing the right tool for such a job would leave you frustrated having wasted way too much time and energy. This mantra can be applied in almost any circumstance but I want to focus our attention on the necessary tools for the job of…

  • Feral hog

    Masquerade vs. Truth

    It is almost dusk on the Willow City loop at the height of bluebonnet season in the Texas Hill country when this adorable animal walks out of the brush several yards in front of our car. We stop the car to watch and admire him. A brief thought flashes through my mind, “Oh, I kind of wish we had some property in the country so we could take our new friend home”. The animal walks toward our car, rubs his nose on the bumper at which point my husband gets out of the car and snaps his picture. Getting back into the car my husband closes the car door and…

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    Fight for Intimacy with Friends and God…right around your own table

    This Friday and Saturday tens of thousands of women around the world will gather in homes, churches and Austin City Limits Live to enjoy the second IF: Gathering. I loved sitting on a friend’s comfy couch last February to watch the simulcast (my review). Also loved following up around a monthly IF: Table to share dinner and our life with God: 6 women, 4 questions, 2 hours.    But you don’t have to sign up for IF: Table to be intentional about inviting the life and power of Jesus into a circle of friends sharing a meal. In his famous description of the armor of God in Ephesians 6 I…