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    Our Path to Purpose

    What do Aristotle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Bono of U2 have in common? They joined the many sojourners throughout history who have pursued transcendent purpose in life. As we journey through life, where would our path take us if we set our compass toward purpose-filled life?

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    Pursue the Things of God with the Zeal of an Olympian

    Along with millions of others, I watched the 2022 Winter Olympics. For three weeks I enjoyed sports that I have never previously shown much interest in and learned new terms like nose butter, dropping in, superpipe, one-foot-steps, and twizzles. The olympics are beautiful because human exploits reveal the image of our creator God who made the athletes’ bodies and minds to achieve incredible feats. I admired their skill and gasped at their daring speed and bravery, but it was their fortitude, ambition, endurance, and drive that really captured my attention. Because I am nothing like them. Especially in the physical realm. I delay my exercise. I avoid sweating. And when…

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    What CAN I Do?

    Many of us have experienced seasons of illness and injury––either our own or someone we love. Often these excruciating times of pain, fear, and doubt engulf us like a suffocating suffering. We wake up every morning in painful uncertainty and lay down each night in the same state. Daily we withstand a raging storm––everything circles around but nothing is clear. Movement requires pushing against unyielding barriers. We want to hope for complete healing. We want to throw off the heavy chains encasing us. We want to be released from physical and emotional burdens so we can regain strength and enjoy life again. But sometimes the hope we cling to feels…

  • Heartprints

    A Deeper Look at Suffering

    No one escapes suffering. NO ONE! Suffering entered our world with the first sin.  Choosing a sinful desire over God’s will resulted in suffering.   With sin came death. Death, by definition, is separation, ultimately the separation of God and man. We often focus on the separation of soul and body. Because of sin we suffer all kinds of separation. Daily we face the ugliness of disease, divorce, dysfunctional families, and of course the possibilities of tragic accidents.  There is just no way to truly prepare our hearts for the depth of suffering we may encounter. The journey from birth to death can be a long suffering. There are countless ways…