• Satisfied by His love. Let Jesus satisfy your heart with the goodness of His love.

    Satisfied by His Love

    My daughter and I were talking recently about the quest for satisfaction that drives women in our culture and how it is becoming painfully clear that achievement and success have not delivered the payoff of personal satisfaction that women seek. In the brief reflective spaces sandwiched between their frenzied commitments, women are now realizing that external accomplishments do not satisfy their deepest inner longings. That may be your experience. So, the search for satisfaction continues. What many women don’t realize is that they are created by God with a built-in spiritual thirst for a relationship with Him. This spiritual thirst is as real as physical thirst, but the way to…

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    Was the woman at the well a “bad girl?”

    For four decades I've believed, and even taught, that the Samaritan woman in John 4 was an immoral degenerate woman. Why? Because Jesus reveals her history with men in John 4:18. She has had five husbands and she is not married to the man she is with now. In our day, women with that kind of past would certainly be considered morally loose, until Jesus cleanses them. But as women scholars discover more about the social norms of first century marriage, I wonder if we have judged her prematurely?        I used to teach that she drew water alone from the well at noon because she was a social outcast.…

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    Should a Christian Attend a Homosexual Wedding?

    “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For the things they do in secret are shameful even to mention” (Ephesians 5:11-12). Not too long ago my wife was listening to New Life Live, a Christian radio and counseling program she has listened to for years. But she was shocked when she heard one of the hosts, Stephen Arterburn, say he would attend a homosexual marriage; though he admitted the other hosts might not agree with him on this decision. I was also stunned to hear about this, so I searched the web to find out what he and/or others were saying about this. I…

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    Dialoguing Like Jesus

    “Why is the sky blue?” I asked. “Because God made it that way” was the classic answer. But I was never satisfied with that answer. “Why did God make it that way?” I continued. “I don’t know,” replied the poor adult.  To which I replied, “Well, why not?” Some of my family members have joked that my favorite word as a child was “why.” Like many children, I asked a lot of questions, and honestly, I am sure I annoyed a few people a time or two. When I read the Gospel accounts, I marvel at the skillful way in which Jesus asked questions. He wins the award for best…

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    Samaritan Woman: Stay Away from Me?

    I received a question this week from a former student, Vernita, about the Samaritan woman, whose story John records in the fourth chapter of his Gospel. Vernita: I'm looking for any credible historical data to support the statements I've read in some commentaries which suggest the Samaritan woman was an outcast in her society and came to the well later in the day than most women in order to avoid the scorn of that crowd. Are you aware of any writings that specifically and definitively state that, or would that be speculation based on what we know about that society? Me: English translations tell us, "It was about noon" (Jn.…