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    Memoir-Life with a New Baby…When You Are Near Death in a Coma

    "After waking from a two-month coma after childbirth I struggled to discover what had happened, love my child, and rediscover who I was. I awoke to a baby I didn’t know and a body I didn’t recognize. I faced a life and self I didn’t know how to put back together. " So begins Lindsey O'Connor's new book, The Long Awakening, a personal memoir of near-death in the midst of giving life.   Ove ten years previous, at an author’s conference in Atlanta, Ga, right in the middle of ONE BIG PAJAMA PARTY,  Lindsey had begun to cramp badly. In a book on the friendships of women I wrote about what…

  • Jesus understands moms by Melanie Newton

    Jesus Understands Moms

    My journey into motherhood began 38 years ago today. Before then, I was a mom-to-be who read all the books available and thought she was prepared with the techniques of mothering. Oh, how naïve! I had made straight A’s in “book learning” for years, got lots of awards for achievement, but mothering this baby girl who was so unpredictable was the hardest challenge of my life. When I complained to the pediatrician at the first postnatal visit that Jennifer didn’t do anything the books said she should do (sleep 20 hours a day, be comforted when I rocked or nursed her), he had the nerve to tell me that she…