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    HBO’s Chernobyl: Socialism’s Epic Fail is Summer’s Best Viewing

    And holds profound lessons for 2020 During these dog days of summer, HBO is offering one week free access—just enough to watch the blockbuster 5-part series (if you didn't see it in May) on the 1986 nuclear plant disaster that spread radiation all across Europe. Extremely well-written, terrific acting and an uncanny replication of 1986 Soviet Union, according to my husband who has taught theology there many times. And, It. Is. Riveting.   The series begins with Valery Legasov, First Deputy Director of the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, recording tapes he will secretly pass on to his fellow scientists. As the lead scientist on the committee to investigate the disaster,…

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    Ten Faith and Culture Gifts to give or enjoy: Books, art, music and websites to enrich the year ahead

    What do all the following resources and activities have in common? Whether you give them as gifts or enjoy them for yourself, these iron-sharpening-iron books, art works, websites, culture makers and commentators will inspire and equip you to live with the truth and grace of Jesus in today’s culture. In the election-year culture war ahead they will keep you grounded in orthodoxy without being shrill and focus your heart and mind on the good, the true and the beautiful. In today’s postmodern culture the arts open so many doors for bridging the cultural divide. These resources will help you connect with outsiders as well as the under-40’s. To order or…

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    The Meaning of Easter … “What Does a Child Think?”

    What do kids think?  Have you ever watched a re-run of the Art Linkletter show, “Kids Say the Darnedest Things?”  The crux of this great TV show centered on Linkletter asking kids to respond to all sorts of questions.  Of course, kids will say the darnedest things and those responses would get a laugh and entertain audiences young and old.  During their interaction with Linkletter, kids would respond by spouting off the first thing that came to their precious little minds. The show was such a big hit, later in 1998, Bill Cosby aired a similar version of it as he interacted with kids ranging in age from 3 – 8 years old.  

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    Judge Shows: Spiritual Reality TV

    I’ve been listening to a lot of TV lately. I’m a calligrapher, and November/December is my busy season. I look for the kind of shows that don’t need to be watched because I’m focused on my hand lettering. So I’ve been listening to quite a few of the courtroom shows: Judge Judy, Judge Alex, Judge Marilyn, Judge Lynn, Judge Joe, and the others. Lessons to be learned from judge shows: • Some people don’t know how to communicate without interrupting and talking over each other where neither can hear what the other is saying. • When people roll their eyes and spit out contempt for each other, it’s okay. •…