• The Rage Against God

    Book Review: “The Rage Against God” by Peter Hitchens

    “In the names of reason, science, and liberty they [have] proved, rather effectively, that good societies need God to survive and that when you have murdered him, starved him, silenced him, denied him to the children, and erased his festivals and memory, you have a gap that cannot indefinitely be filled by any human, nor anything made by human hands…. [Yet] A new and intolerant utopianism seeks to drive the remaining traces of Christianity from Europe and North America. This time, it does so mainly in the cause of personal liberation, born in the 1960s cultural revolution, and now inflamed into special rage by any suggestion that the sexual urge…

  • Ray getting his PICC line

    Back Infections and Heart Infections

    My husband Ray knew something was wrong as soon as he got out of bed. His lower back, where he’d had back surgery six weeks before, was wet. His t-shirt was wet. The sheet was wet. His fingers glistening with a strange wetness from reaching back to investigate, he asked me to check what was going on. I saw a rivulet of fluid pouring out of the top of his surgical incision. Something was really, really wrong. As I gently pressed the skin around the incision, pus kept flowing out. He had a serious infection under the incision. It had been hidden, but it literally rose to the surface of…

  • Engage

    “Christian Ethics Stuff” and the Death of Mother-Daughter Movie Icons

    When we walked in the door from watching the new Rogue One Star Wars movie last week we heard the sad news: Distraught over her daughter, Carrie Fisher’s  death, Debbie Reynolds had just died of a stroke.   (Slight spoiler alert) We had just watched a digitally young Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia in the final scene of Rogue One. One of the rebels hands her electronic intelligence delivered at the cost of many lives. When he asked what she’s been given, she lights up a smile and answers, “Hope.”   But in a tragic irony, sixty-year old Fisher died of cardiac arrest in the wake of years of the kind of…

  • Engage

    Mothers Have to Grow Up Too

    A couple of months ago, I had to pick out eight pictures that represented the last 17 years of my daughter’s life. The yearbook staff at her high school kept sending me reminders of the deadline for the senior ad. So I did what I didn’t want to do—I pulled out photo boxes, inserted photo CD’s into the computer and I sorted through a lifetime of memories.   There among the piles of “maybe,” “for sure” and “no way, she’ll kill me,” I remembered some of the advice I received as a young mother. Well, more like warnings than advice:     Just wait, she’s cute right now, but when’s…

  • Impact

    The Fifth Opportunity

    The Fifth Commandment states that we honor our father and mother so that our days may live long in the land that God has given us (Exodus 20:12). This is the first of God’s commandments to contain a promise (Ephesians 6:2,3). To “honor” in the original Hebrew language includes the qualities of love, affection, gratitude, obedience, and respect.  Through honoring our parents, we first learn to honor all that are in authority over us. If children do not learn to honor their parents, then they will likely not honor any in authority. Are you ensuring that your children honor their parents so that they will grow up honoring the law of…

  • Engage

    Poopy Messes

    Recently a friend called with an urgent prayer request; she’d been summoned ASAP to her son’s private Christian school and they wouldn’t say why.  She was concerned about her eight-year-old anyway because of some traumatic life situations they had been weathering, and she feared that maybe he was acting out because of how difficult his life had been. Turns out someone had pooped on the bathroom floor and they had traced it to “Mark.” They pulled him out of his class and had him wait for his mother in the principal’s office. When my friend got there and found out what had happened, she said, “My son has occasional bowel…